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Take a look at what our amazing members are accomplishing across the world!

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UGANDA: Janaki Jag of KSK Singapore donated pickleballs to a village in Uganda and got the kids excited about racket sports!

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ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Jayson Amos donated 45 rackets to Mr. John Thomas at the Shatto Recreation Center for the summer tennis program for the City of Los Angeles

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2016: Will Tarini of KSK Boston won a $1,000 grant from the USTA which allowed him to buy 36 new rackets and over 150 new tennis balls. He also connected 120 rackets, raised $2,500, and ran clinics for over 100 kids.

2015: Will collected 115 gently used rackets and received over $2,500 in donations which allowed him to buy more used rackets and hold summer clinics!

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PUERTO RICO: Donation of 36 rackets to the National Junior Tennis Learning program!

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LEFT: Collection of 61 rackets at the Delray Beach International Tennis Championship "Raise a Racket" Program

MIDDLE: South Florida collected 161 rackets to ship to the USTA Southern California chapter!

RIGHT: Founding Members Luke Habig and Alexander Aguiar donated rackets at Miami Dade Parks and Recreation


ARMENIA: Donation to the Peace Corps in Armenia

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MEXICO: FIRST DONATION BY KIDS SERVING KIDS! 241 rackets to ProTenis in Guadalajara, Mexico by founding members Alexander Aguiar and Luke Habig!



LEFT: Chirag Narayanakere of KSK Santa Clara donated 25 racquets and 75 lightly used tennis balls to the Snell Community School in San Jose, CA

MIDDLE: Chirag donated 20 rackets to the Silver Creek High School Girls Tennis Team and also donated 25 rackets to NorCal USTA, benefitting the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club

RIGHT: Chirag collected 25 rackets from the Lifetime Tennis Program Pleasanton and donated 30 rackets and tennis bags to EPATT Palo Alto

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Zimbabwe: Donations and coaching clinics to over 64 kids.

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