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Greenwich, Connecticut

Arthur Wang, Founder

Image by Mudassir Ali


I am a rising junior at the Rye Country Day School (RCDS) in Rye, New York. I have been playing competitive tennis since the age of 11. Tennis has helped to foster in me the importance of sportsmanship, the meaning of responsibility and the significance of being resilient in the face of challenges. Therefore, I believe the benefits of tennis go far beyond  competitiveness. Such skills benefit one throughout life. To that end, I would like to share my experiences with less fortunate kids to help them learn these skills so that they can reach their maximum potential.  I have been active in the community as a volunteer in coaching tennis. We thrive when the community as a whole thrives, and I am blessed to be able to serve rather than receive .

                                                                - Arthur Wang, founder of KSK Greenwich



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