A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

The Program

Rethink recycling . . .
 It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.  Recycle
Until Kids Serving Kids came along, worn out, used tennis rackets had nothing to do but collect dust in the garage.  But thanks to this unique program, designed by kids, it is putting the swing back into tennis rackets by improving the lives of less fortunate, young aspiring athletes around the world.

2.  Renew
Founded in 2007, Kids Serving Kids began contacting local tennis facilities to join them in their effort to collect new and used tennis rackets to promote the sport of tennis globally.  With the help of Jose Ayala, tennis professional and coach, Kids Serving Kids places rackets in the hands of deserving kids locally and from around the world with an incentive toward excellence in academics and athletics.
3.  Replay
With the goal of happiness and hope, kids will have the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents in the game of tennis knowing that someone cares to bring smiles to their faces.  It is our sincere wish to reach across the borders to improve the lives of younger kids.  Hopefully their lives will be enriched as ours have been through the game of tennis.

To find out how you can help, click on the "Getting Involved" tab of our website!
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