A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

New Jersey Chapter


Erica has proudly taken over the New Jersey Chapter of Kids Serving Kids.

My name is Erica Kerman and I am 12 years old.   I live in New Jersey and have been playing tennis for about 5 years.   Tennis is my favorite sport to play and I would like to provide other kids the same opportunity to play the game. My goal is to collect at least 100 racquets to provide to kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to play the great game of tennis. 

Please contact Erica at
ericanjtennis@gmail.com to donate your gently used tennis racquets.


My name is Parker Pridgen and I am 17 years old. I am currently a junior at Delbarton High School in Morristown, New Jersey. I have been playing tennis for as long as I can remember. Until now I have never fully realized my good fortune, in which I have always been able to afford equipment such as racquets, strings, shoes, etc. I am so happy I found this organization because it will allow me to pass on the opportunity for kids to enjoy the game of tennis. My goal is to collect 200 used tennis racquets in the next 12 months and to place them in the hands of needy, deserving kids who want to play tennis, but do not have enough money to buy a racquet.

You can contact me at:  PPridgen@OptOnLine.net




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