A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

Long Island NY Chapter

My name is Matt Holweger, I am 16 years old and have been playing tennis since I was four.  I’m currently in my junior year of high school and have been on my school’s varsity team since the eighth grade. In addition, I have also competed in various USTA individual and team tennis tournaments for the past four years. Tennis has been such an important aspect of my life. It allows me to excel in something that I truly love. Founding the Long Island Chapter of Kids Serving Kids allows me to give back and help children who may not be as fortunate, to learn from and enjoy the game of tennis. Tennis has provided me with so many important skills in life, such as self confidence, and how to persevere when challenges arise.

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                   Meet the initial Long Island Kids Serving Kids Chapter members:


Left to right: Brett Weisberg - Racket Logistics Director; Matt Holweger - Founder and Community Liaison & Brooke DiGia - Communications Director.

Click on link for USTA Eastern Long Island article on the Long Island Kids Serving Kids Chapter!


09-10-14 update: The KSK Long Island Chapter collected over 150 new and gently used rackets and other tennis equipment and cash donations of $1,500 as of September 10, 2014.  The funds allowed the Chapter to purchase additional equipment such as small size rackets, under 10 nets and balls and ball hoppers.  The Chapter that a busy summer starting with their first donation in June of 45 rackets, 3 quick start nets and sport cones to The Kings County Tennis League in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. 


        Equipment donation to EOC, Andre Vanterpool       Some of the EOC Camp counselors with Brett Weis-     Matt Holweger teaching the 4-5 year old group how
        EOC Director, Courtney Connors, Matt Holweger,   berg, center, and Matt Holweger, 2nd from right.            to volley.
        Karen Ferby-Guy & Brooke DiGia.  Missing
        Brett Weisberg.

July 11, 2014. Summer Tennis Clinic for The Manhasset Equal Opportunity Center (EOC) Summer Program.  The EOC Camp program serves 95 at risk children, ages 5-13 in the Manhasset/Great Neck area, by providing them with a 6 week full day camp experience.  KSK was pleased to be part of the inaugural tennis clinic offered to the children of the EOC.  Our Group helped establish the EOC SUMMER TENNIS LEAGUE by donating 75 rackets of various sizes, 3 quick start nets, a variety of tennis balls for different skill levels, ball hoppers and sport cones.  The Clinic provided instructions, drills and games 2 days a week for the entire six week program.  Our donation of equipment enables us to break the children into small groups based on age and provide more individualized attention to each of the groups.  We enlisted an additional 13 volunteers from members of the Manhasset Varsity and JV tennis teams to assist in teaching the children.  In addition to learning the basics of tennis, the children received a weekly take home packet containing information covered that week on the court, a tennis word puzzle, coloring page and a mentorship message on a variety of topics from, the important of healthy eating, exercise, being a good sport, and respecting your opponent to name a few. 

         Matt Holweger presenting KSK's donation to           KCTL Ribbon cutting ceremony March Housing       KSK Members, Brooke DiGia; Brett Weisberg; NCY
         Michael McCasland at the Marcy Housing tennis     tennis court, June 21, 2014                                      Council Member, Robert Cornegy Jr; KCTL Founder
         court ribbon cutting ceremony.                                                                                                                   Michael McCasland and KSK Long Island Founder,
                                                                                                                                                                             Matt Holweger.

 June 25, 2014 update - the KSK Long Island Chapter has received a wonderful response receiving over 125 rackets and $1,300 in donations from friends and neighbors.  The funds were in part utilized to purchase additional 25 and 27 inch rackets for the younger children, 25 Quick Start nets, ball hoppers, balls and cones.
The KSK Long Island Chapter was invited by Michael McCasland, founder of the Kings County Tennis League (KCTL) in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, to speak and present donations of 40 rackets, 3 Quick Start nets and a set of 20 cones to his organization at the June 21st ribbon cutting ceremony for the resurfaced Marcy Housing Project tennis court.  This great organization serves over 100 children ages 5-13 in four public housing complexes in Bed-Stuy.  According to Mr. McCasland, because of this program there are 10 children hitting at a 3.5+ level! 

One of the most powerful statements the members of the KSK Chapter heard that day was from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.  In praising the work of KTLC and Michael have done for the community's youth he stated, "if a kid has a racket in their hand, they do not have a gun in their hand, and if that kid is on the court then they are not on the corner". The KSK Chapter felt it was very gratifying to be a part of that day, getting a chance to meet the kids and to know their donation will help KCTL with their wonderful program.  The KSK Long Island Chapter will keep in contact with Michael and continue to help this great organization in the future. 

The Long Island Chapter of KSK will be working with the Manhasset / Great Neck EOC at their summer camp to provide a tennis clink on Monday and Friday mornings during July and early August.  They will be reaching out for additional volunteers from the Manhasset High School tennis teams who want community service hours this summer.  The camp gets approximately 95 children attending, from ages 5-12.  KSK will be donating 70 rackets, 2 quick start nets, balls, ball hoppers and cones to the EOC.  This donation of equipment will enable the EOC to continue to incorporate and run a tennis program at the camp over the next several summers.

Thank you for all of your support to date!  If you have any questions about the Long Island Chapter of Kids Serving Kids, please contact Matt Holweger at:


                                                               Manhasset - Great Neck EOC Tennis Clinic





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