A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

Fund Raising
Through the fund raising efforts of Ms. Haydee Ventura seen here remitting the generous donation of a resident of Kings Point to founding members Luke Habig and Alexander Aguiar, KSK was able to purchase this stringing machine.  The machine reduces  the cost of maintaining tennis rackets.  Thank you!

Kids Serving Kids thanks Club Med for supporting KSK.
Kids Serving Kids needs more recycling bins and banners. 

Donations are appreciated!

To donate to KSK, please call Jayson Amos:
(949) 306-1223

or contact us at TennisJayson@gmail.com

Thank you!

Kids Serving Kids is not a 501c - but aims to become one in the future.

Kids serving Kids hosts an annual fund raiser at Plantation's 
"Green Day". 

Plantation is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and home to KSK.

With funds raised, Kids Serving Kids purchased 3 banners one of which in Spanish and displayed in Guadalajara.  The banners increase awareness of KSK.

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