A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

Dallas Chapter


Madeline Puckett is the Founder of the Dallas Chapter with the help of Alyssa Baker and Preston Callen.  Madeline plays Varsity tennis for her High School and has played USTA for many years.  

                                                       To contact the Dallas Chapter: email Madeline at:  KSKDallas@gmail.com

The Dallas Chapter of Kids Serving Kids participated in a local event called Earthfest 2011 held in Coppell, TX in April (top right picture).  The motto for the Coppell's Earthfest is "reduce, reuse, and recycle" which echoes the mission of Kids Serving Kids.

This was the first public event for the Dallas Chapter and resulted in educating the community about the organization, collecting several donated racquets, and receiving commitments from the surrounding tennis centers for placement of recycle bins.
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