A community service program that collects and recycles tennis rackets for under served youth world wide.

Chicago Area, Illinois

My name is Michael Hadjiivanov, I am 15 and I am the founder of the Chicago chapter of Kids serving Kids. I live in a suburb of Chicago and I’ve been playing tennis since I was five. Tennis has been a major factor in my life and has truly helped shape the person I am today. I have participated in many USTA tournaments and have even given lessons to kids in my area. What inspired me to join this program is seeing how many perfectly good racquets go to waste in my local tennis club, and realizing how lucky we are to even have them. Tennis is an expensive
sport and I think by founding the Chicago Chapter I could help involve many more kids in the sport that has had a great impact on my life.

You can cont
act me at: 

(773) 398-4619

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